“Art is the capacity to retain memory, not as a fetish, but part of
the arsenal to counter ignorance and greed. 

It is the commitment to fusing landscapes, crossing borders,
mixing colours, reading the surface of rivers, blaspheming the rigidity
of the canon and listening to the stammering of the sky. 

It is the means employed by the few trailblazers in society
that exhorts people to take steps to break the cycle. 

It is to make new earth rise.”

Mandla Langa 
Grey Areas; Chalkham Hill Press, 1999.

Cultural Radius CC is a specialized arts consultancy based in Durban, South Africa and active throughout the continent of Africa.  Directed by Nicolette du Plessis, the consultancy frequently co-ordinates consortiums or establishes partnerships with other professionals and like-minded organizations in order to undertake specific contracts or projects. 

The ethos of the company is based on commitments to sustainable development; the dignified promotion of the arts based on principles of human rights and an unshakeable belief in the transformative power of the creative spirit – in art, in education, in business and in development.